Thursday, May 31, 2012


i'm so glad that i'll never fit in,
that will never be me.

outcast, girls with ambition,
that's what i wanna see!

Monday, May 28, 2012


among a slew of other things, one thing i really like about being in the journalism field is that the dress code is pretty lax. in college, there is a strict dress code that i have to adhere to because as quoted by my lecturers, "this is for your own good when you enter the corporate world!" however, i fail to see how the college dress code is relevant to me as people in journalism tend to dress as they wish (so long as they don't walk around in their birthday suit almost anything covering up their bits and pieces is acceptable.)

people always tell me i dress well. i get quite a number of them enquiring about where i get my clothes / how much i got them for. most of their jaws hit the floor when i answer their questions, heh. i suppose i do dress quite presentably, given the money i spend on my outfits. so i decided to do a fashion what-i-wore diary for last week. now guys, i'm sharing my jealously guarded secrets with you, so i do hope you appreciate this!

here you go!



floral dress - times square, rm25
belt - times square, rm24
flats - bata, rm20


pink dress - amor boutique @taipan, rm27
navy blue bag - sachs @parkson, rm80 (actually it was rm250++ but i got it on discount)


purple long top - kitschen, rm15.90
compression leggings - free (got them from one of our SHAPE advertisers.)
pink sneakers - adidas (from SHAPE as well)


tank dress - kitschen, rm19.90
owl necklace - random shop on one of the north-south highway rest areas, rm12
stripey cardigan - blogshop, rm20
beaded wedge sandals - bata, rm35-ish (can't remember the exact price)
purple watch - daiso, rm5

no fashion post for thursday because i was in a rush that day.


more random / food pix.


i tend to mosey over to men's health quite a bit when i need to stretch my legs. found this on one of my excursions, and i was going gaga over it. i mean, given this digital era, film negatives are practically ancient relics! the MH designer, steve, saw how excited i was and gave it to me. :)


horley's sculpt for women protein powder that i got (again, for free.) other girls may want their ginseng / birds nest / what do girls drink for beauty these days anyway? but give me protein any day and i'm a happy camper!


actually there is healthy food near the office but i wasn't aware of it yet on my first week. the chapfan auntie will be seeing a lot of me at her stall for the next three months.

brought in my essentials for making oats. now i can haz oats in the office as well!


a sticky note from adelina asking for my help for something, and a piece of royce chocolate. :)


asics gel cumulus 13 which i got FOR FREE. prior to this i was only able to admire asics from the glossy pages of Runners World, but due to their hefty price tag never imagined i would ever be own a pair. 

when asics called, my ears perked up but i kept quiet as i know i'm only the lowly intern, so why should i deserve anything at all? but i never knew how generous my editor could be, she told me that i could have a pair as well! 


*dances a happy jig*

Saturday, May 26, 2012


if it were up to me, ideal topics of conversation would definitely cover fitness, health, nutrition, and running. which is why i find talking to like-minded people with the same approach to healthy living so appealing.

i was talking to ivan the other day about weight training. not that i weight train, but because people like us live by the same principles - discipline, perseverance, effort, etc. ivan is one of the people with whom i feel i can truly be myself, and he gets me a hundred percent. other people think i'm insane (well actually so does he sometimes) but for the most part, he really gets what i'm talking about ; why i need to push myself so hard, why this matters so much to me.

my 'deepest' conversations, and also my most comically lighthearted ones are with him. when i'm talking i don't need to filter what i say as i do to other people. with others, i tend to be more mindful of my words. however being so comfortable can be a bad thing sometimes as i do tend to say really stupid things i never really intended to let slide in the first place, heh!


ivan : *complaining to me about getting bruises and rough hands from weight training*
me : but i think bruised and rough hands are awesome!
ivan : *looks at me weirdly*
me : well i mean it's so cool to have bruises from weight lifting.. its like those soldiers who go to war and they get shot so they come back with scars. or like someone who fought off robbers and got slashed. which is wicked! or bruised hands could be a great conversation starter as well! y'know, instead of standing around awkwardly after shaking the hand of someone you just met, you could go like "uh yeah so you may have realized the bruises on my hands but that's cause i work out" and they'd be TOTALLY IMPRESSED.  :D
ivan : seriously, i have no idea how your mind works. 
me : hmmmph. i don't care what you say. bruised hands are sexy.


p.s. NO, ivan is not anyone 'special'. he is just a really good friend, even more so because he is most nearly as dedicated as i am and understands why it is so important to me.

p.p.s ivan if you see this, don't get a big head just cos i spoke highly of you here. because i will punch you. hard.

Friday, May 25, 2012



but nevertheless,

Thursday, May 24, 2012


go for a run.
i promise you won't regret it. ;)

p.s. only 30 more days to the Standard Chartered-KL Marathon! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


this song strikes a chord deep in my heart.

because it reminds me so much of myself and what i went through as well. i remember only too well this time last year, i was struggling - with loss of self esteem, insecurity, conflict, and so much more. i don't know what on earth was wrong with me, but every day my emotions were teeter totter, on the brink of erupting. i lived on the edge, where even the tiniest thing would result in me tearing up.

doing marathons and pushing myself helped me. when i say this, many people think of the physical side, but becoming a long distance runner goes so much deeper than the surface. it throws you out of your comfort zone and you really have to grit your teeth, dig deep, and summon up every last bit of your strength to get to that finish line.

"you have no idea how strong you can really be, until being strong is the only choice you have."

Monday, May 21, 2012


somewhere, a car honked. i was returning from a full day of work. the thought of the dreaded drive home through the madness that is KL's traffic caused me to groan inwardly. the roads were in a gridlock, and it goes without saying that there was no police in sight to ease the congestion. it would take another hour for me to get home. oh, did i mention that i had more work waiting to be unravelled when i got home? 

frustrated, i heaved a massive sigh and leaned against the cool glass of my window. 

then i saw him.

partially shrouded in the cloud of fumes spilling over from the road, he was walking in my direction, his shoulders weighed down by a heavy backpack. his gait unassuming and unhurried, his features relaxed and calm as he swung his arms freely. droplets of sweat ran down the side of his face. cloaked with a filmy layer of dust, he seemed to shimmer in the fierce rays of the sun.

the heat rising from the asphalt caused blurry ripples to my vision. 

i kept my gaze focused on him. his footsteps brought him towards a row of small trees. scrawny and almost bald, they were hardly the epitome of mother nature's beauty. as he marched onward, their branches extended more and more, intruding into his path. 

i observed him tip-toeing and angling his body at an awkward position so that he could continue staying on the pathway. it would have been almost comical, if not for the fact that he looked so exhausted and worn out. 

suddenly, he came to a halt. what was he doing? i wondered. why had he stopped?

he stooped and stretched out a hand towards the dry ground. when he stood up, he was holding something, so tenderly. curiously, i craned my neck to see as well. 

it was a flower, delicate and fragile. his head bowed, i noticed the furrow of his brow, as for a moment, he studied the tiny blossom cradled cautiously in his palms.

he looked up, and saw me watching him. he held my gaze unwaveringly for a brief while. 

then he put the flower into his shirt pocket, and went on his way.


back home, as i took comfort in my refuge away from the frenetic pace of the day, my thoughts wandered back to the boy. just having him pass through my life, even only for those few minutes, i had gleaned a simple, but oh-so-often-forgotten lesson from him.

do not let the world pass you by, just because you are so caught up in your own selfish struggle. how often do we lose heart and lose sight of what we have, solely because of one dark cloud in our sky?

no matter how crazy things get, no matter what storms or difficulties we encounter, no matter how tired we are - there is, there always will be, beauty all around us. 

and in that, we must never lose faith. 

"i don't think of all the misery, but the beauty that still remains... look at all the beauty around you and be happy!"
Anne Frank, The Diary Of A Young Girl

Friday, May 18, 2012


just before heading to work - squinty eyed due to the harsh glare of the sun, with an apple in my hand. :)

anyway, i have so many things to tell you i hardly know where to begin!

1. Australia

first off, i have just booked a flight to the land down under! sunk a large part of my bank account into it, and i foresee that i will be spending even more. so i will not spend any more money on clothes for the rest of this year ( DON'T LAUGH ) 

jokes aside guys, i'm really serious. however people may perceive me, i am not rich. therefore i will have to save up like mad for this trip! frugality and practicality will have to take over from now. will have to steeply cut down on indulgences such as movies, meals, and shopping.

2. Shopping

speaking of shopping, i've been doing a lot of it lately. obviously, this was before i knew i'd be booking a flight to kangarooland. but as much as i like clothes as the next girl, there is also a practical reason i've been buying a lot more than i usually do.

(that awkward moment when you've lost so much weight, none of your old clothes fit and you don't know whether to laugh or cry that you have to get so many new ones and spend so much money.)

(ignore the fact that i got a bag as well even though going from an L to an S does not exactly warrant the need for a bag in a different size.)

of these tops, the pony one was the most expensive, costing only rm9.90. the rest were all rm7 or less.
you jelly? ;)

3. Internship

i've been at SHAPE for a week now and my first week there has been pretty pleasant. but that's just because it's the middle of the month, the lull in the chaos. when deadlines at the end of the month start approaching, i expect that there will be a lot of heated temperatures and yelling and stress!  

mickey and minnie mouses customized by various BluInc titles.

from left to right, i think the first / third / last are 

figher mickey - Men's Health
katy perry minnie - Seventeen
lady gaga minnie - EH!

i don't know which titles did the professor mickey and the elvis mickey.

food prep!

if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. there is food available at the workplace, however most of it consists of options such as kuey teow, mee goreng, nasi lemak, curry mee, roti canai. etc. it would be easy to just walk a few metres to get my lunch, less trouble too! but i commit to healthy eating, and preparing meals beforehand will give me no excuse not to eat healthy even if i'm at the office.

ready to be packed into tupperware, this'll give me 3 days worth of lunches.

what i used :
1 can of tuna (tuna in water / brine ONLY, none of those tuna in mayonnaise, chili tuna, tuna in oil etc)
2 tomatoes, diced (you can also use cabbage, onion, cucumber, or other vegies of your preference)
3 eggs
2 heaped tablespoons of yogurt
pinch of salt and pepper to taste 

4. Braces 

as i mentioned previously, i will be getting braces soon. however, i will have to pull out a few teeth first. tomorrow i'll be having my extractions, and this may sound crazy to some but i'm kinda excited for it! i've never been to the dentist for any problems with my teeth so it'll be interesting to have two taken out of my jaw, heh. it'll be painful you say? please, i'm so pierced i need my toes to count the number of times i've put holes into my body. 

well, that's all for now. i've been churning out a lot of picture-and-caption posts lately, so i hope you guys found this post more interesting and substantial in content in comparison! :)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


the night before my first day of internship, no matter how hard i tried, i just i couldn't fall asleep cos i was so stoked.

so i decided to do what i always do.
go run.

my neighbourhood in the dead night / wee hours of morning.

the only living being still up was my neighbour's cat.

got home, and started preparing for my first day at SHAPE magazine malaysia.

  • read up on international / previous issues of SHAPE
  • assisted with product photoshoot


beamingly eager on the first day.


purple tank top - blogshop
skinnies - FOS
shoes - mum's

reached the office at 8.45am-ish, to find it still locked up. apparently the way things work in the publishing field, they're not really big on the exact 9-5pm hours as work can be done at any hour of the day. sat outside reading until other staff arrived. 

since it was only the first day, i was told to read up on previous issues of SHAPE as well as the issues from the US. 

snacking on a piece of wholegrain bread, while reading up magazines.

lunchtime at about 1pm ; they aren't really particular about what time you have your lunch either as it depends on your schedule for that day.

sliced pear, the remaining couple slices of wholegrain bread, tuna, and one ferrero rocher ;)

doesn't seem very visually appealing, but i promise it tastes a whole lot better than it looks!

  • attended an event by The Body Shop
  • went to Adidas HQ to collect apparel for a photoshoot
  • called makeup artists for said photoshoot 

freebies i got from work

The Body Shop products
New Balance shoes which i may or may not have to return

body butter, bronzer, scented oil, eyeliner, eye serum, blusher, and eyeshadow.

TBS green bag and the press kit.

New Balance shoes

  • helped out with photoshoot 
  • sourced for apparel for a future photoshoot
  • searched for recipes of malaysian food

dressed uber comfy / casual as during photoshoots you have to move around a lot - assist the models, carry things, arrange stuff, etc.

adidas apparel ready for the photoshoot!

on set.

hardboiled eggs as we had lunch late. usually we get lunch from the stalls outside, however as it was already past lunch hour there was no more chap fan / sliced fruits. grabbed these from a mamak, at 80sen per egg.