Sunday, July 31, 2011


remember the charles & keith purse i mentioned in the previous post? well they didn't let me exchange it. so, i'm gonna be selling it off.

this is NOT a preloved item. it is BRAND NEW. when i bought it, i asked for a new piece, so this purse is not one that has been displayed on the shelf and handled by many.

Charles & Keith purse, dust bag included.
original price Rm90.00

selling : 

COD / postage can be discussed.
contact me at or leave a message in my chatbox. :)

its colour is a creamy latte brown

 gold details

Friday, July 29, 2011


(that's italian for hello)

went shopping with chai chi yesterday. bought a couple of things. 

i saw this dress, which i really liked, but didn't get cos she said it wasn't all that great. but i like it! i think i should go back and get it. :) i would have preferred an emerald green, hot pink (like the dress hanging on the clothes bucket at the bottom of the picture), or turquoise one, but those colours weren't available.

charles and keith purse. 

this was on SALE ok i'm not rich (as many of you who follow my blog would know.) i was trying to decide between this and another one while purchasing it, and i was really torn between the both of them, but finally picked this one. however, when i came home i was looking at it again, and i think i prefer the other purse back at the store. it was more expensive, but only by 10 bucks, so i'm going to try do an exchange tomorrow. 

think they'll allow it? i hope so.

i tried looking around for information regarding charles and keith's exchange /  return policies, and read in an online forum that charles and keith do exchange their goods, even if you've bought it home and then changed your mind and wanted a different piece. however, the person who posted this was from a different country. so i'm just crossing my fingers and praying hard that they'll allow me to do the same.

maybelline lash stiletto mascara. 
it was on sale as well! Rm26 from watsons. :)


the ring i got at some shop in asian avenue for Rm10. this shop sells all their rings for Rm10, and they have a huge variety! i don't know the name of the said shop, but walk along the right row of shops from maybank, it's somewhere at the entrance.

as for the bracelet, well it's not really shopping-related. it was a gift from a friend. 

four years ago, this particular friend had feelings for me, and told me so. i however could never imagine him as more than a friend, and couldn't acknowledge this. i told him though, that i still treasured our friendship very much, and while i didn't think there was any possibility for us to ever be together, i wanted us to still be good friends. he was a great person, always very sensitive and concerned towards me, if i ever wanted anything, if i ever needed to talk about anything, he was my go-to guy. this went on for about two years.

at first, i appreciated having someone there for me, nevertheless, after some time, i started to think differently. he was too controlling, too dominating and exacting, my phone was always beeping with his messages every minute. once, i left my phone alone for 20 mins, then when i looked at it again, there was 7 messages and a missed call, he was demanding to know where i was and what i was doing. he would want to talk to me all the time, and i'd be like (in my head) "dude i have a life, other things to do besides entertain you all the time y'know..." 

well i got really annoyed at this, but kept things bottled up as i didn't want to hurt him and lose his friendship. after all, he still was a really good guy, and i had confided and gone through many things with him. but it really pushed my limits when, after numerous times of me telling him nicely how we could never be together because i didn't like him THAT way, he still would get all 'sticky' with me and stuff. i started avoiding him because i didn't want to deal with all the complications there were, plus i still hadn't gotten over my previous boyfriend.

the last straw came when he let out a secret i had shared with him. he didn't do it intentionally, but when i heard about it, that was the trigger that unleashed all those things i had tried to keep inside. i yelled at him, and told him to get lost and get out of my life. :/

we never spoke again. i regret that i had not brought things up earlier and had a heart-to-heart with him (about him being too protective and controlling and always wanting to talk to me,) as it could have perhaps saved our friendship. i'm not proud of myself, looking back, i know that i handled the situation poorly, tactlessly and rashly. 

however, things change. no, him and i haven't made up. after my blowup, he was still nice to me, attempting to patch things up, but i was always curt and cold to him. then, a year or two down the road, i tried to make amends for my childish behaviour, to smooth things over between us, tried to reach out and tell him i was sorry, and maybe we could go out for a drink, catch up again, like old times?

but now he won't have any of it, i believe that he has moved on. and so have i, more or less.

life, changes. things change.
people change.
 nothing, and no one, ever stays the same.

just like how you left behind your old stuffed toys and barbies at five, like how you leave behind cute hair ribbons at eight, like how you realize that you no longer find that particular brand of breakfast cereal as yummy as you used to, you drift away from some friends, you make new ones, and the world moves on. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Monday, July 25, 2011


i actually didn't plan on blogging today since i'd already updated yesterday, so i was just scrolling through tumblr leisurely looking at all the awesome pictures.

then i saw this.

7 laps of running, 3 laps of interval sprinting ftw. ♥


oh yeah, i just went through my comments on blogger (something i do once in a while) and i noticed that there has been some anonymous loser(s) who's been going through my blog and making nasty comments on individual posts here and there, some of which date as far back as the month of may last year. 
oh puhlease
*rolls eyes*

thanks for paying so much attention to me, to the extent that you took the trouble to go through so many of my posts, so far back, just for the sake of making petty statements! i didn't know i mattered so much you! 
do continue your mindless spam, i find it rather entertaining.
you dislike me? for speaking out on my views and experiences in my life, for having the honesty to be frank about things? well just so you know, i'd rather be the person i am and disliked by you (and well that's not a huge deal that i would run home bawling about), compared to apathetically sitting on the wall and people not acknowledging my existence, or even liked for being something that i am not. 

i am definitely NOT the type of person to care about what others think, regardless of how aggressive they might be or how mean they might get. and i certainly don't care what you think of me, but hey, it's flattering to know that me just going about living my daily life would have such an effect on you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

450th POST

logged in to blogger, ready to blog, when i noticed that this marks my 450th post. it would be nice if this post were to be something deep and meaningful and profound to commemorate this (sorta) meaningful point that my blog has reached, but nahh. nothing particularly insightful or mindboggling to share.

so on sunday 17th of july, while everyone was busy cramming for finals, i was running along the hills of hartamas in a 6km charity run, even though i hadn't cracked open a single book, because i like living dangerously like that. 
*flashes peace sign*

the event, Jog for Hope, was organized by Taylors College.

you can read about my participation in the previous year here.
again, from my point of view, the event was a huge letdown. 

the same thing as last year happened, and they didn't have enough shirts. 

what the hell? in the months leading up to this event, they'd loudly proclaimed on their website "registration will be closed when we reach the maximum amount of participants", which means that they'd already KNOWN beforehand how many participants there were going to be. this (not having enough tshirts) already happened last year, and they should not have let it repeat itself! 

taylors college, you suck big time.


but mehh, i shall not waste my time talking about those which so proudly extol themselves as the epitome of "Wisdom, Integrity, Excellence", when they do not have sufficient IQ to plan ahead and organize such a simple event efficiently. 


i kept my pace up and steady throughout the run, and i wasn't very much surprised when i found the run this time round so much easier than last year's, as it's true that i've been running a lot more frequently nowadays. all through the run, i was thinking "steady, steady, you're doing good now but you don't wanna wear yourself out yet, gotta save your effort for the end!" 

so the whole way through i was just conserving my energy, humming a song in my head as i ran along. the weather was delightful, crisp and fresh with the cool morning mist still drifting about dreamily. the rays of the sun were muted and slight as the sun was still hiding behind the big puffy white clouds, just the ideal conditions for an amazing run! :)

then after what had seemed like only a short while into the run, i noticed all these people standing at the side of the road cheering, and i was like "is it already the end? gosh, RUN GIRL RUN!!"

sprinted the last 500m, but sadly did not make the top 5. 

very satisfied with my time though! for a 6km track that consisted of a lot of hills, i finished in 35minutes, roughly 10 minutes ahead of my time for last year.


after the run, iishan, yuen, erin and i went for makan, after which he sent erin and yuen to pjgh and then me back to church.

clockwise from top left - me, iishan, yuen, erin.

they were doing an 'angry face' pose but i didn't know, hence the smile while everyone pulls a scrooge.

yuen and erin.

erin and i. 
the colour in this picture looks funny.

us girls. 

when we reached pjgh we bumped into this adorable friendly dog outside.

iishan patting it.

yuen ; "who's a good boy?"

our attempts at camwhoring outside the church

i chopped iishan's head off in this photo.

he got revenge by chopping my face off here.

finally we managed to get a decent photo with all of us in.
look guys, i'm smiling with my teeth! 
usually i don't smile with my teeth because i think it makes me look like a horse *points below*


but for once, i think i look OK in my smiling-with-teeth picture above.
digression, hmph. 

a friend saw us having a hard time trying to take pictures by ourselves and kindly snapped the picture above.

visited the washroom to clean up a bit, erin and yuen came too. so what's a visit to the washroom without a camwhore shot?

we love you too 

wrapping up this post with a picture of my yummy healthy post-marathon meal

spinach for iron, cabbage for fibre, chicken breast for protein. 
yum yum! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


i declare, that i am helplessly, irrevocably, in love with nike's line of their women's running shorts. 

want want want!! all of them!

sadly i am not rich, so i only got myself this one pair a few days ago.

i'm so in love with the colour. look at how it just pops at you?
love it!

ok but seriously i need to get a grip and stop buying running shorts already. i have 3 pairs and i suppose i just have to make do with those. i really like the shorts from all the different brands (reebok, adidas, nike, mizuno, etc) but they are so, so expensive! shall refrain from buying any more shorts until the end of this year. that is, unless they are going for a really really super worth it price, then maybe i would make an exception. 

will update about Jog for Hope in my next post, tata.

Friday, July 22, 2011


today when i woke up at 10ish, i had a meal of a slice of wholegrain bread plus a plate of cabbage, long beans, and bokchoy, then went to college to meet some classmates to discuss our work.

didn't have anything to eat in college as we were totally busy discussing our stuff, having loads of fun gossiping and later browsing through boutiques.

when i came home around 5, there was nothing to eat as lunch had already been eaten and nobody eats dinner that early, so i just went to my room to nap.

i just woke up a while ago at 8pm, and omigawd i tell you the feeling of gastric juices eating away at an empty stomach is ABSOLUTELY EXCRUCIATING.

i'm sitting curled up in a fetal position, rocking my body in anguish, trying to diminish the pain.

i haven't experience this in a long, long while (8 years to be exact) so i'd forgotten how crap it was. right now, it feels like there's a frenzied, raging wildcat, mad with fury and trying to claw out the innards of my belly.


this hurts. :(

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hello guys!


This is very similar to the place I run. :3

 sometimes, there are gems of inspiration hidden in even in the most mundane of situations, you just have to know where to look. i have an interesting story to share today. this happened some time ago, but i didn't blog about it as i just didn't have the time and couldn't be bothered to put things into words.


so i was out running, at 5.30ish in the morning. i usually run 7 laps around my park. however, on that day, i had only done 2 laps and it started raining. i took shelter at one of the small huts around my park, hoping that the rain would peter out soon and i would be able to continue my run.

however, the rain built up even more in intensity, coming down in huge torrents, the wind howling in stinging gusts. clad in only my running shorts and a light tank top, i shivered in the cold, frowning at how shitty things had to get at this particular time, just when i wanted a good early morning run. 

huddled up with my knees to my chest and my arms hugging myself in a puny attempt to keep myself warm, mulling over my misfortune, half daydreaming because it was so cold and i was so sleepy. i was sitting at the edge of the hut, looking outwards, when i noticed something interesting.

the rainwater was dripping down from the roof, and each individual trickle of water was falling in the same place. i noticed that there were actually holes in the concrete floor where each trickle of water fell, which must have been the result of this small but constant force over the years. 

its incredible what the sheer power of perseverance can achieve.


you don't have to be particularly strong, smart, or fast. you don't have to be great or outstanding, you don't have to be equipped with the best resources or manpower. 

even if you're the smallest, or the slowest, as long as you have what it takes to start, and do not stop, you will get there. 


finals have ended, thank the lord!

so i know some people would be wanting pictures of whatnot i have been engaged with lately but gimme a break will ya, i just got off the train (lol that was an odd metaphor) and i wanna catch my breath first!

spent today rolling around in bed, watching so much tv i swear my brain has been numbed from all the rays, and running!

hallelujah for the holidays!

here's what i'm looking forward to :

  • having as much time to play sports and work out as i want!
  • sleeping in!
  • reading :)
  • surfing the net endlessly (ok so i do this even during the non-holiday period..whatever)
  • meetups with friends! (also do this during non-holiday period, but i hope to do so even more in the coming days)
  • shopping!
  • long leisurely chats and bonding time with the bestie. have been practically ignoring her this semester.

might be going for frisbee tomorrow night with timmy, timo, yungtyng, rachel, mingy, ian and alex! can't wait! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


have a lot to update about, but i'm sorta busy right now so these quick mini updates will have to do for now.

15/07/2011 - went running in the early morning, came home, slept, piano lessons, basketball in the evening, some more running, dinner with ze bestie at night.

16/07/2011 - shopping in the afternoon with family, came home, basketball, mum's birthday dinner at empire, then headed to yuenyuen's house for sleepover.

17/07/2011 - went for Jog for Hope, then iishan sent me to church, came home, crashed, went for 'Seeds' by the Footstool Players at night.

18/07/2011 - first day of my finals.


i studied nuts for my finals. i remember this conversation with erin during Jog for Hope

me : it's my finals tomorrow, and i have no idea where the venue is, what time it's gonna be, or even what subject i'm having LOL
erin : OMG are you freaking serious, how come??
me : well because i'm cool like that :D


off to read up on my journalism, will update when i'm able.
tata. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


one day, i will.