Monday, February 28, 2011


because i feel like updating about the outing last friday but dont have the time for a longass update right now, this will have to suffice.

sarawak cake.
so psychedelic!

my mum bought that cake a few days ago, which cost like rm35, which initially i thought was pretty pricey for a cake as small as that.

but after trying a piece, i suppose that you do get the bang for your buck. it's very moist and dense, very heavy. i doubt that a regular eater would be able to eat more than a quarter of it in one sitting, even if they tried.

the texture is firm and chewy, its taste buttery, strong, and smooth. quite nice if i say so myself. i only had a few slivers of it, and returned the next day to discover that my family had swooped down upon the rest.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


ok i really shouldnt be online right now because i have three consecutive tests on monday, tuesday, and friday which will be counted in our results at the end of the semester.

but here i am, staring at the computer because... procrastination is my way of life.
*flashes peace sign*

so i feel really guilty and damn bad today because i ate so much! so i just have to let out all my whiny rants first before i hit the books. i know you people are rolling your eyes thinking 'jeez, who gives a damn if some fat girl ate too much again today?"

well shaddup i dont care i feel so utterly repugnant and want to moan and roll around in misery and regret from my gluttonous indulgence today.

started off my day with church, and after the service there were char siew puffs.

char siew puffs? wow!
i'd never even heard of such things before, so i took one. and my, it was good. the crusty pastry was chock full, generously stuffed with yummy char siew. a smashing combination!

so i had three. D:

and then someone was walking around with a packet of chocolate chip cookies.

so i had a handful of those.

AND then when my dad wanted to go for lunch, i had a piece of chicken.

came back home, slept, went out to play basketball in the evening, returned all hot and sweaty and had some orange juice and a big BIG cup of milo with condensed milk.

then for dinner i had three sausages plus some mixed veggies.

i think i should stick a finger down my throat right now and throw up everything i ate. think that'd work to get out all the calories i consumed today? nah, they've probably all been digested by now. HAHA I KID (about the throwing up, in case you're totally dense).

but seriously, i really should stay away from food for at least a week.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


think smallville, kyleXY, roswell, etc. I Am Number Four (IAN4) has a storyline that has been worked and reworked numerous times in the past. IAN4 tells the story of no.4 (alex pettyfer), or as he is known to us throughout the movie, john smith. his planet of origin, the planet lorien, has been destroyed by mogadorians, forcing surviving loriens to flee. however, the bloodthirsty mogadorians are hot on their trail, hunting them down. so between keeping off the radar of the football team, battling his feelings for sarah(dianna agron), the ex-girlfriend of the biggest jock at school, as well as trying to avoid getting killed by mogadorians, life aint exactly a bed of roses for john.

the movie starts off on a dull note, but gets better towards last quarter, when the 7 foot, pointy teethed, tattooed, and very sadistic mogadorians start to get more involved. the appearance of number 6(teresa palmer), a sultry hot biker chick with and aura of mystery around her, adds some spice.

the last 15 minutes of the movie, where john and no.6 fight against the mogadorians, with john throwing out blue balls of energy around, and no.6 slashing and shooting like there's no tomorrow, is probably the best part 
of the entire movie.

Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four

so, what's my verdict on it?

a few redeeming factors that are worth a mention are alex pettyfer's good looks

now there's some eye candy for you. :)

the mogadorians are pretty interesting too, with their pointy teeth, tattoos and gills.

but it looks as if IAN4 took voldemort straight out of hogwarts and plonked him into this movie.

dianna agron and teresa palmer provide a couple of pretty faces, but dont really do much.

teresa palmer as no.6, rawr.

dianna agron plays sarah, the town's resident photographer.

one part i found really stupid was when john and sarah were running through the woods, being pursued by murderous mogadorians, and john, full of emotion, looks intensely into sarah eyes and tells her that he has to leave. sarah then grabs his hand, says "come with me" and takes him to their school's photography lab to develop some pictures. 

like, what the hell?

while i wouldnt say that this movie totally sucked, it wouldnt have much reason to stick around in your memory for long after you've left the cinema.


Friday, February 25, 2011


last week, crystal suggested going to taylors lakeside campus for a drink and to hang out.

i thought, why not? would be a nice change from the usual hangout spots too.

she picked me up at 7 with fiona already in the car, and we were off.

the shopping area. they have a Mac shop, stationery shop, hair salon, famous amos, baskin robbins, subway, wong kok, and old town, just to name a few. 

oh yeah prior to going there, i googled 'restaurants / shops at taylors lakeside', because i was curious to know what restaurants there were. however, my search results came up zilch.

so to anyone else who wants to know, i hope this will be helpful - they also have a tutti frutti yoghurt, face to face pan mee, hoagie restaurant (they call sandwiches 'hoagies' in western countries). there's also a food court there, but most of the shops sell quite 'atas' food for a food court, with prices averaging rm10.

after meeting tzelin and tzeyuen, we settled down at wong kok.

tzelin's milk tea.

some fishball thingy in portugese sauce that crystal ordered.

my baked eggplant lasagna.
very healthy. :)

however, after a few bites, i could barely eat any more, and was struggling to finish it, even though it wasnt a big portion.*

at the end of the meal, crystal picked up the tab for all of us.

when she said that she was gonna pay, we all did the customary chinese thing "oh no la, dont need, i can pay myself!" etc etc. however, i found some lines that we came up with rather creative and funny.

me : aiyah, no need lah. you think i so poor no money to pay myself meh!

tzelin : *hands rm10 to crystal* nah here, my mum give you angpao!
crystal : *pushing tzelin's money away* oh thank you, my mum also give you back!

after our food, it was time for pictures!

me with fiona, who finally returned from australia. this time, for good.

crystal, tzeyuen, tzelin, fiona, and i.


a few years back, we barely talked, but now, even if she IS pretty much older than me, we get along well. i guess those years ago i was still a kid, and needed to grow up.


went down beside the lake to lepak and chit chat after our meal.

tzelin trying to see if there were any fishes.

fiona looks so cute! :)


yours truly.

the lake at night.

was freezing when got back and discovered that i had a raging temperature (*which was why i couldnt finish my food earlier). promptly put myself to bed huddled under layers of blankets.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


i've been watching quite a bit more of televison ever since my dad got us a spanking new 42 inch LED last year, and i've been seeing omega's ladymatic commercial featuring nicole kidman being played many many times over the past two weeks.

im my opinion, it's one of the best watch commercials ive ever seen (now come on, how often do you see a commercial for WATCHES that leave an actual impression?) but when i mentioned it to people, nobody seemed to have ever seen it!

absolutely flabbergasted.
so here's the said commercial for your viewing!

i think it's a really good commercial! impressive how they managed to convey such depth, such class, such sophistication so well in a 30 second commercial.

and it doesnt hurt that nicole already has such good looks to boot.

so regal, she looks like a queen.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


today, someone told me that she had overheard people talking about me. not in a nice way, not in a nice way at all. apparently, some people have been saying that im moody, egotistical, bad tempered, and stuck up.


moody? egotistical? bad tempered? stuck up? gee, i dont know, but people, if you've been following my blog, i dont think that anyone would be shouting in disagreement if i were to say that for the most part, that im cheerful, easygoing, lighthearted, and ready to mix with anyone who's ready to be my friend.

my first reaction when she told me so, was amusement. amused that how people who dont even know who i really am, people who dont talk to me, or know what im like, could think such things about me. yes, i admit that i dont really talk to these group of people, but not because i think there's anything wrong with them, or that i dislike them - its just that i feel that we're on different wavelengths and have different mindsets.

however, these people who dont even really know me that well at all, are going around sticking labels on me as if they're sticking post its on a board.

but it's ok, i guess. im not angry with them. im not even mildly annoyed, or bothered. i dont blame them for thinking of me the way they do, since everyone has their own way of thinking which is different from everyone else. 

so what if a couple of people think that im a snobby stuck up bitch, when they dont even know me that well? who are they to me anyway, and why should i care? 

im sure as hell not gonna change myself just for the sake of pleasing other people. i dont think badly of anyone who's having all these negative perceptions about me, its just one of the things that people do in life, we're more inclined to believe the bad rather than the good, even if we might not know the whole truth.

id sure appreciate it if people actually KNEW me, actually had conversations with me before deciding what im like. while i cant say for sure, im pretty certain it wouldnt be what some have in mind right now. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


yes i know it's a little late to be "tong chiang" ing, but here's an update from my chinese new year! 

on new year's eve, we went to pyramid to shop for a bit, turns out it was a total disappointment. half the shops were closed and the ones which were still open, closed early as i suppose everyone was going for their reunion dinner. 

i like this dress from nichii :)

if you know me, my style of dressing is simple and fuss free, comfortable with no frills. so this kinda dress suits me exactly. but it was pretty pricey for something as simple as that, so i didnt get it in the end. :(

i know it doesnt look THAT nice in this picture, but i found a maxi dress that suited my height perfectly, and had a nice cutting. plus the colours are really bright and vibrant!

and it was damn cheap seriously!
well, for a maxi dress made out of satin, with inner lining, it was probably the cheapest ive ever seen.

after our (pathetic) shopping endeavour, we then proceeded to my aunt's house for our reunion dinner.

so many noms!
i feel myself getting fatter just looking at this picture.

little cousin helping himself to rice.

everyone getting their noms.

see my bro so loser playing with toys during chinese new year reunion dinner.

i told him "oi you! stop being so lifeless and go eat!"

we ate and ate until we couldnt eat any more.. and then it was time for yee sang!

everyone trying to 'lou' the 'sang' as high as possible.

me, i dont really care about whether i get to lou sang or not because i just dont get hyped up over yee sang the way others do. i dont even like eating it that much.

cousin offering fortune cookies to my grandpa :)

so kewt :D

what my sister's fortune cookie said

my cousin got this in her fortune cookie

behold, what does my fortune cookie foretell?

"behind every able man, there are always other able men"

seriously? what bullshit!

i conclude that fortune cookies hold sayings that are fantastically vague, so that you cant exactly pinpoint what they mean, and when something even remotely related to it happens in your life, you go "oh so THAT'S what my fortune cookie meant! how amazing!"

well, wise up, sucker.

the younger cousins playing.

oh, btw, my family is damn imba. all of us older ones (jessica, melinda, sophia, charis, my sister, and i) are all girls, while all the younger ones (jonathan, edward, justin, brandon, and my bro) are all guys.

lining up for ang paos :)

have more pictures, but i think i'll do a continuation in another post.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


i just blogged out my last post about 2 hours ago, and like i said, i'm having this totally crappy flu. so instead of doing my marketing assignment like i'm supposed to, i'm looking at tattoo blogs.

kat von d is such a gorgeous woman!

beautiful lustrous hair, sexy curves, and a pretty face make for a top-to-toe package.

soooo sexay.

so im looking at right now too, and i see some pretty unique pieces.

such a simple idea, yet so unique and interesting.

the sparrow looks really realistic.

full body dragon tattoo. looks so cheongsam-ish. mustve cost a bomb!

aww how cute :)


mm, this one's nice, but i've seen it on more than one person. not my thing. if i were to have a tattoo, i DEFINITELY wouldnt want to see someone else walking around with the same one.

even though i've never done anything to really, REALLY, hurt anyone (and i hope i never will), i think that the fonts and flow of this tattoo are really lovely.

sweeter than sugar.