Wednesday, June 30, 2010


ahh, facebook. a new social networking site that exploded across cyberspace like what, 4years ago? well as we know it all but demolished friendster and as of today practically everyone has been sucked into its huge vortex. while im a huge fan of facebook and all its perks (yay to being able to stalk my future boyfriend online! haha!) sometimes, certain things on it do irk me. big time.

like, whats with random people i know nothing about simply adding me? huh? too free or no life is it?

when the 'friend request' thingy pops up, the only times i usually accept people i dont know is if they have any number of mutual friends as me. otherwise, ill go check out their account before deciding. if it looks fine, then i'll accept.

another reason i only usually accept people who have mutual friends with me is otherwise, they could be any tom, dick and harry, and i wouldnt be any wiser. the picture of that hot guy on his display pic could be fake, and in real life he'd be this fat old dude with a beer belly / rapist looking for potential gullible girls (of which i am NOT so you're wasting your time) / loser wanking at pics of random girls online cos no girl in their right mind would lay into him in real life.
lovely selection, ain't it? ;D

and i really have a problem with people who use pics of robert pattinson or whoever as their display pic.

while i guess that there are SOME girls who go gaga over freaky guys who glitter/ dance through the forest/ like running around in slow motion half naked/ wrestle with werewolves/ are all moody and broody, and are attracted to them as moths to a flame, i am not one of them. in fact, i'd stay far far away from a guy if he was like that. its just weird!

are you so lacking in the department of looks that you have to use someone else's pic as your own cos you're afraid that using your actual pic will make people think you're freaky and not want to accept you?
the irony of the situation.

and i notice that sometimes, the only pics some people have in their account are pics like this, but no pics of themselves whatsoever.

 whats with it? to me, it just comes off as really weird.

for all you know, the guy with the six pack/ chiseled nose/ alluring brown eyes whos sending you flirty messages could be this.

'sup yo. whats rolling.

a+b = c
have you heard the joke about pythagoras?

innadei innaporingei! papodam is the way to go! chapati for you is goot.


also, i find that its really very suspicious when there are people who add me, who have NO pics of themselves and have NO mutual friends with me. thats like just weird. you mean outta the blue, from the millions and millions of users out there, decided to add me just on a whim? just a suggestion : stop being so lifeless pathetically sitting there in front of your 20" screen clicking 'add as friend' on random people you dont know, and go out there and make some real friends.

and i dont like it when people i dont know just randomly come up and say me all sorts of personal things like "are you single?" "you're beautiful" "hi i want to get to know you better, can i have your number" "do you know where to buy nipple tape" etc etc. just stop! its annoying! ask me where to buy nipple tape for what? go find out yourself!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hi peeps!

ancient pic from 2years ago haha

gosh there's so many things i wanna do but i dont have the time!! btw, have you noticed that there's been a whole lotta awesome movies coming out this year? seriously! toystory3, alice in wonderland, valentine's day, shrek4, etc etc

and wth i havent even watched toy story3 yet! but that's cos chaichi wants to watch it too so im strictly reserving it to be seen with my bestie!

as of now i really wanna watch this

haha looks super funny! but everyone has either watched it, is busy with college, or doesnt have any interest in seeing it :( 

hmm so what else is new with me? previously, i was working at sense taipan, but im gonna be alternating between absolute sense ss15, above bakers cottage, every tuesday and friday.

yay to being able to have a firsthand view and picks of new stocks. yay to working with other staff my age. yay to being near most of my friends studying in ss15. :D

going to A Cut Above academy at pyramid tommorrow! i know i said i'd grow my hair long, so im gonna ask the guy to just gimme a 1cm trim. btw, waiting for my hair to grow long is taking forever! i used to have short hair when i was in school for practical reasons. short hair is easy to maintain, cooling, and fuss-free. thumbs down to not being able to do fun things like braids and stuff with short hair though. but now since im far FAR away from usj12 and its nonsensically stringent rules about hair, i wanna grow my hair long! 

like this! :D

so nice!

haha ok so maybe im exaggerating a slight bit :) but there's so many fun things you can do when you have long hair!

so hurry up and grow, hair! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


the defintion of cute is staying with my family for a few days, cos her parents have gone abroad. 
happy! :D

she followed us to church in the morning.

us playing with some funny stocking thingy that i later tied into a headband, cos she looked messy with hair falling in front of her face all the time. :)

subang parade after that

isnt her 'headband' nice? you'd never tell its acutally a stocking.

coincidentally, ilovebazaar was going on today as well!

this bazaar has been held the first and last weekend of every month from february, and due to overwhelming response, has been continued up till now.

the persons manning the stalls are mostly budding entrepreneurs or groups of friends with a love for fashion and a nose for business, with many of them running blogshops as well.

finally! i'd been looking forward to to catch ilovebazaar from quite a while ago cos of the good reviews it had, but hadnt got the opportunity. so how was the bazaar? well, to say it did not disappoint would be an understatement! :D

there were tonnes of pretties just begging to be owned by every fashionista in town, from maxi dresses to high waisted shorts, from military jackets to chanel inspired bags, ilovebazaar has them all!

pics of the stuff available!

the studded belts on the right are fab! and going for only rm15 per piece OMG 

quite a spread, as you can see. :)

shoes shoes shoes.
most stalls have 'bargain sections' too, where stuff was being sold for mostly rm5-rm15. madness! i found a pair of glossy crocskin stilettos for rm15! didnt buy them though, cos i dont particularly think need a pair.

you have to hurry though! most stuff on the bargain sections are usually snapped up right away by smart and savvy female shoppers on the prowl for good bargains!

pretty floral dress. feminine, yet with big bold gold buttons that add a touch of defiance and make a statement! going for only rm30++ !!

violet blue bodycon dress!
bodycon is so hot right now, so rock with it in this piece that could totally be mistaken for being whisked right off the shelves of topshop! 
going for rm30++ as well wth max

with lovely traditional wear to offer as well, ilovebazaar shows that they arent only dont solely contain fun, trendy pieces. pick up a cheongsam at a incredibly low price of rm55 per piece!

quilted bags are soooo in right now, and despite thinking too that they ARE really nice, i have been stubbornly refusing to jump on the bandwagon for the longest time, just cos i dont like to be carrying the same thing on every other girls' arm. but ok i really cannot resist anymore!
i like the caramel brown colour of the one on the left! but the design of the red one on the right is nicer! decisions decisions! both going for less than rm45! i begged the nice kakak manning this booth to bring in stocks of the design of the bag in red, but in the caramel brown shade that i like and she informed me that stock was likely to arrive next week, yay!

shop for these bags at
(on a hindsight, wah i post the link up here, later everyone go buy then i cannot get the bag i want adi!! but nevermindlah since im a nice person :D )

unconventional earrings and chunky bangles
i really like those dreamcatcher earring on the bottom! yours at rm6.

military jackets, floral high waist dresses, nautical inspired dresses

okok the highlight of my visit to ilovebazaar!

browsing through the many many stalls, i came upon this one stall selling handmade trinkets and baubles!
must CLICK! 

look at the cool funky designs they have to offer! although theyre only rm15, the owls look totally forever21-esque, at a fraction of the price!
i couldve sworn i saw those super cute owl necklaces at forever21 going for rm39++ !

kill two birds with one stone with these one of a kind motorbike and elephant pendants! they dont just give a touch of quirkiness to your look, they also conveniently tell the time! 

OMG preeeettyyyy!! :D
these delicate, wafer thin earrings come in many designs as well! and only rm10 for 3pairs! so feminine and elegant and gorgeous! more than worth it!

add this unique piece to your collection of baubles! theyre actually seastones, crystalised and beautifully cast in a silver inlay and fastened around your neck with a delicate chain. now, how many girls can say that they own a seastone pendant? be one of the first to choose yours from a myriad of colours for only rm10! they have a bigger version as well, but its going for rm20.

chunky costume jewellery rings for rm10 per piece

i want! the only problem i had was choosing just one, when they were all so gorgeously appealing!

the classic diamond, a trendy chunky one with middle eastern inspired patterning, or a unique amethyst?

after pondering upon it for a while (like 10mins swt) i came to this conclusion.

diamond : pretty, but too common. plus i think it looks too engagement ring-ish, dont want people to ask me "so, who's the lucky guy?" errr...
amethyst : i dont think that the violet hue of the amethyst can really be seen unless you look at it closely. at a glance, it'll just look like a dark stone.

so that decided it, the chunky ring wins out!

what i bought :)


the husband and wife team from this booth were totally nice and friendly to me too! 
view their wide selection at !


you guys are just gonna hafta put up with random bits and pieces from my recent doings. :)

paparich a few days ago, a family friend wanted to treat us to dinner before flying off to africa. 
(first thing i thought when i knew he was flying to africa was : world cup...)

sis and i
sorry pic very dark and very ugly cos bro doesnt know how to take nice pics X(

the food

i remember when i used to go to paparich all the time in the past till i think i can recite their menu from memory. 

actually im on a self proclaimed boycott from paparich. about half a year ago, i swore never to step into another outlet again cos i feel that they are really being super unreasonable with their prices in comparison with the food served, ok, maybe its posher than most, but it really is a ridiculously overpriced, even for an upscale kopitiam. yeah admittedly enough, the ambience IS really nice, but rm9 for a plate of char kuey tiow that is like just average tasting? suck your own nuts man.

but since it was another person's treat and all, i wasnt exactly in a position to demand to be taken to somewhere along the lines of yuen steamboat or even TGIF, where although food might cost a little more than your average kopitiam/ mamak/ foodcourt, is sure worth every cent.

coffee with the nuffies last week too. i only found out that i was invited at like 2pm on the day itself, so i hurriedly got ready and google mapped the nuffnang office location.

before long, i was on an lrt to kl, unsure of whether i would even be able to locate the place in time for the 5pm meet up. oh well, what is it to be young and carefree if it doesnt give you the time and energy to just go with the flow :)

a yellowcab pizza outlet near the lrt station, where this little dog was tied up outside. 

and yes, i did find the nuffnang office without any trouble. im so street savvy :D
this is their wall, where bloggers who come to their office leave footprints.

my footprint. i didnt know about this wall thingy or else i think i'd have brought a giant banner to stick on it, along with a huge life sized narcissistic cardboard cutout of myself CHEH JUST KIDDING :)

to wrap up this post ; dont you just hate it when this happens at McD
this is what happens when you have the misfortune of having someone whos a total noob at their job make your sundae cone for you. looks ok on top, but hollow on the inside

p.s. its my sis's sundae cone ok, i just had a lick. sticking to my diet!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


holy crap.

i wanna look like that.
please, pretty please? wth sml seriously. i've put on so much weight since RBS and i really wanna look the way i did before.

i'm damn fat now compared to the above pic! :(

screw crispy charsiew, slightly burnt and drizzled with honey. screw timtams, yummy fudge sandwiched between two chocolatey wafers. screw frosty vanilla McD sundaes. screw fresh toast, spread with fresh soft butter and gooey kaya. screw freezing sweet ABC tambah susu tambah jagung. screw hot toasty A&W waffles, topped with scoops of icecream and drizzled with strawberry sauce.

screw fragrant rotiboys, crispy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. screw sweet and sour pork, with thick viscous golden brown sauce. screw roti bom, with buttery goo oozing out as its devoured. screw famous amos chocolate chip cookies, crumbly and warm with delicious chunks of chocolate chips. screw spaghetti, with huge meatballs, filled with mounds of cheese, beef, and bolognese sauce. screw seafood and potato salad, with huge shrimp and creamy potato slices topped with mayonnaise. 

screw venti toffee nut frappucinos, yummy iceblended creamy sugary sweetness in a starbucks plastic cup. screw warm roti canai, served with rich kari ikan and washed down with a milo ais. screw auntie anne's pretzels. screw huge fluffy cinnabons, with sweet raisins embedded within its swirls. screw piping hot apple pie, crumbly and flaky, with chunks of apple cooked with cinnamon. screw chocolate indulgence, with thick layers of fresh chocolate and vanilla cream. 

screw chocolate brownies, with rich chocolate topping. screw cheesecake, with its solid biscuity base and creamy pat of cheese. screw oreos, with sugary vanilla icing in caked between the pieces. screw pork noodles, with minced pork and slurplicious noodles. screw milo with condensed milk. screw fish and chips, chunks of fillet dipped in batter and deep fried into golden brown submission.

screw steaks, slabs of red beef grilled over a burning hotplate and served piping hot with fresh vegetables and chips, with a tub of mushroom sauce. screw italian BMTs, with thick slices of beef, salami and ham and fresh lettuce, slices of tomatoes and olives trapped between the crusts. screw hot yau char kuai. screw popcorn popped in sinful golden butter and rolled in caramel. screw cadbury bars with yummy hazelnuts hidden beneath that dark brown exterior. 


time for a serious diet. all this excess weight has gotta go, pronto. 
i have to look like this again. HAVE TO!

Monday, June 21, 2010


random pic of abi and i from way back. obviously i look quite a bit different now. i'm taller. my hair is longer. im fatter. T.T
(but im working on getting back to the size i was!)

so anyway, this post is totally on a whim. 

see here, i like reading blogs. i like getting a glimpse of other people's lives, how they live things out. and i like looking a pics of different things that other people experience in their lives, be it friend's birthdays, outings, cos to me, things and pictures like those i mentioned just makes their story more 'real', more human.  

even the once-in-a-while camwhore pic.

ok this one i grabbed off the web totally fail case, but i hope you get what i mean.

i like seeing the voice behind the stories, and i know this might sound weird, but why the hell do people keep posting up random pics that they just grab off the internet?
(now dont go saying that i just contradicted myself above, cos the pic above was totally relevant in my case)

i mean pics like this one

and this

and this

the list goes on.

stop throwing all these random artsy fartsy pics at me, they dont belong to you, and dont you have pics of your own life to give?

i mean, yes, undoubtedly those ARE nice photos, but how about pics of your own life, which you are describing in such detail to the cyber community? pics which actually give us an insight beyond the words you are saying? i dont get why people just throw all those pieces of visuals at me, especially when they dont have a case in point to prove.

its not that im like totally against people using other's pictures, sometimes it's really nice when its to prove a point of relevance, but it just annoys me when countless pics like the one above just keep flashing past the screen, and i keep scrolling down, and thats all there is to see.

im sure that there are people out there who feel the same way?

ok but like i said, this was a random post. signing off now. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


pics from joy's camera from our trip to kuantan!

me at teluk cempedak. i think i wasnt ready for this pic, judging from the 'huh whats happening' look im wearing there.

me trying to take a pic of the gigantic 'kuantan' sign from the waterfront.

at the top of bukit panorama.