Saturday, January 2, 2010


hey guys. have been MIA for super long cos i havent been able to connect to streamyx lately. and its sooo damn annoying cos i have so many pics of recent events and am just wanting to blog about them so much. hence, i am typing this post from a cybercafe. just shows how dedicated i am to my blog.
anyhow, im going to be shipped off up to cameron highlands for bible school tomorrow for 5 WHOLE WEEKS. upon a slew of various reasons and situations, i have found myself looking at 35days of being up there, away from familiar faces and places. i'll miss everyone and everything here. basketball in the mornings with weihan, ryan, yewmin, andy and others and going for yum cha session after that, hanging at pyramid, asiacafe, taipan and other spots in kl, being able to call them out and talk to my friends anytime i want. i'll miss my mums cooking, my family, my own bed, and tv (nope they dont have tv over there). i'll miss my best friend, chai chi.
i cant put what im feeling into words cos it would take too long and probably bore you silly, but its sufficent to say, again, that i'll miss everything and anything. im just gonna handle my time out the best i can, but i dont think bible school will be able to make me a holier person.
see you guys in 5weeks!