Wednesday, October 28, 2009


wanted to eat ABC at taipan yesterday, but mum kept on complaining that it was too cold for ABC.
LYG restaurant at taipan serves really, REALLY good ABC!! and they serve soo many varieties of it! who knew there was so much you could to with shaved ice? :)
hope i'll get to eat it tonight. no idea why, but recently i have been getting cravings for cold sweet stuff. :)


SPM is less than a month away and im still doing crap like this. i dont know why i just dont have the motivation to study. in fact, i studied harder for PMR than i studied for SPM. :S

but its not like SPM's the be all, end all right?


i have changed my msn again. when i changed it before, i thought it would be cool to have a windows live account, since it was flying all over the internet that windows live was the latest, the hippest, the newest, the 'in' thing.
so i signed up for it, and was disappointed. :( its such a hassle and as you all know, my live account was
and if you dont enter the 'my' in the address(as i know many people dont), it doesnt work.
so anyway, im going back to good ol' hotmail. my latest msn address is
so peeps, do add me, ok?
thanks :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


seriously, i dont know what the hell was i thinking. i guess that's what happens when i let my guard down.
but i will NEVER be so stupid as to fall for YOU.

Monday, October 19, 2009


hi there!
finally bought a pair of shades today. have been searching for a pair that suited me ever since the ones from MNG that my aunt gave me broke. went over to pyramid and found these from Nose. they were on sale too.
and i loove them much. :)


so after afifah's open house, i went to amelia's 25th birthday. my mum drove to my cousins house in KL first so that we could tumpang their car, since she didnt know the way.
and when we got down, i realised that i had left my camera in my mum's car.
all the pics here are from my phone, so do forgive the poor quality of pics.

the party at the poolside

amelia and her models/friends :)

gift packs for the guests and her presents.

and then of course, it was time for eatss!! :D wow seriously she ordered sooo much food that i had to take a few shots from different angles to get in all the pics

a happy sight for people who adore food aka me :)

butter prawns, fried chicken, corn balls, etc etc


what i had for my main dish.
(of course i ate more than that but i wouldnt wanna bore you with TOO many pics of food)

the chocolate fountain! the kids kept on patronizing this area, and no wonder.

my brother's marshmallows that he chin chai covered with chocolate

my chocolate marshmallows. mine look nicer right :D
after a while i got sick of savoury, rich food and started craving for something lighter and cold.

ais kacang!!
i had so many (4) *GASP* until the waiter handling it said "Same order, miss?" as in only jagung and chinchau and tambah susu XD
then it was time to cut the cakes.
(she had 2)
happy birthday to youu

her 'wife'
haha nahh i think its just her bff

cutting the cake for us

secret recipe chocolate marshmallow

i dont know where its from
shots from the poolside
finalist of miss malaysia universe and me
dont i look so short and fat standing next to her :(

will blog about afifahs open house another day, since my mum is hounding me to get off the comp already. i was supposed to come online just to download the SPM timetable, but got sidetracked into doing all this, heh.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


just came back, yawn.
went for afifah's open house and amelia's 26th birthday party today.
the open house started at 6, so basically just STONING the whole day. watched

because i was bored and didnt know what else to do, hah.

so anyway, both events were really fun :) but sorry no pics for now because im so damn lazy. will post up pics some other time.

ciao, readers!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


i have had just had a seriously disturbing experience with a friend of mine.
let's call him X.
ok, X and i were friends since i was in Form3, and i always thought of him as a nice guy. we were in the same school but drifted apart early this year due to our different schedules.
a few days ago, he texted me, asking how was i, etc etc.
then after a while,
X : hey cheryl, could you help me with something?
Me : depends what it is
X : ok, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok? even if you dont want to. seriously.
Me : err..ok
X : lately ive been getting really horny, and i was wondering if you could help me out?
Me : and isnt it better if you learn to control yourself?
X : i really cant take it anymore..please? dont you trust me?
Me : why do you wanna do these kinda things? you know, you're still young and there's a lot you don't know. trust me, you'll regret this for sure when you grow up.
like OMG i was so totally shocked. i mean, OMG!!!
seriously, i don't think anyone is prepared on how to react when someone they thought was a friend, someone they thought was a nice and decent guy says this to them.
all i can say is its a good thing this happened through sms, and not if we went out and he suddenly decided to ask me that.

Monday, October 12, 2009


we were taking pics for our class yearbook the other day and here are a few of them :)
jumpshot! i like this one but too bad bryan is blocking everybody else
jumpshot take 2
eshen sesat here =.=

reflection shot


i have moved. add me at

my msn account has been hacked. who in the world is so free as to hack me, i have no idea. it's not like im some billionaire datuk or big shot politician so i seriously dont know whats the reason to hack me.


afifah's birthday was like 2 weeks ago and im only blogging about it now. XD what to do, people got busy schedule ma.
so anyway, it was such a last minute thing. in school elena said to me "hey are you free tonight?"
it was just a lucky coincidence that i was free, and it was a friday night. i HATE staying at home on friday nights, so i jumped at the unexpected opportunity to go out and not spend any money. :)
afifah's birthday cake(s)

the second birthday cupcake that i've had this year. lucky me :)
i was the only chinese there, she was the only indian there

afifah got creamed

and then dragged to the park

to the pool

and was thrown into the pool
(sucks that i didnt get the pic of her when they threw her, was looking somewhere else)
syahmi was squatting so near the pool and looking so tantalisingly tempting to push in that i couldnt resist and gave him a big kick
turns out his phone was in his pocket, gasp. luckily after drying it the phone was able to start.
Group pic 1
Group pic 2
as you can see for once in smiling a wide smile with my teeth in both the pics :D

haziq, ashman, ayie, fadhlan

the sexay ass birthday girl and me :)
look at how sweaty and shiny our faces are

illegal fireworks that i dont know how they got


finally, a new post!
on a random note, my monthly 'friend' just visited me today. cramps, bloatedness, headache, URGH. took 2 Panadols and am feeling much better. i can actually walk around now.
so last month i finally took the initiative to get baptised. after a few baptism classes and an interview, the day finally came for me to be dunked in a pool of water. XD
they conducted it in increasing age order and my brother went first.

my turn finally came.
my church elder : do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and proclaim him as your saviour?

i proclaimed that i did and was duly dunked

and emerged dripping wet. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


hello there humans!
i've been sooo incredibly busy the past week that i totally ignored my blog!
have loads of pics to post up but this is only a quick post so maybe next time, aites? :)
SPM's only around a month away, and i've studied NUTS!
or to translate that for you if you didnt get it, i haven't studied any shit. :(
anyway, i dont think i'll be going to college next year as i most probably am taking a gap year.
but it's not gonna be a chill out, laid back gap year ok! i'm not some rich kid with too much time on my hands.
my schedule for next year is pretty much planned out already. i MIGHT consider going for august intake if i get all my stuff done.
  • RBS aka Residential Bible School. i'm gonna be in cameron highlands for 1month+, doing some christian/bible stuff. this was my parents decision to send me. :(
  • ok, then come back in time for chinese new year.
  • Get passport done.
  • Destination : Gold Coast, Australia. the australian tourism and travel agency had a fair and a 2way msia-aussie trip cost 250 aussie dollars. my aunt was so kind as to buy a ticket for me to fly over. am gonna be there for almost a month, i think.
  • My relatives from aussie are coming over for a month after that, so i'm gonna be kept busy being their guide and showing them all Malaysia has to offer. (penang laksa, menara berkembar petronas, anyone?)
  • Hike Kinabalu!!
  • Work. my bank account is so skinny and needs fattening. :(
  • Might go travelling with cousin. she loves bangkok cos its sooo cheap and says she would bring me along. :)
i know this post has been sooo lacking in pics when i usually post them up like nobody's business.
next time, ok? :)