Friday, March 27, 2009

GOSH!! SUNBURNT!! sunburn has gotten worse..its broken out into rashes and my skin is all bumpy and was still ok on wednesday when i went to tuition at 3-5pm..then when i looked into the mirror at 8pm, i saw...a freak. im not gona post a pic of how i look cos i dont wanna scare the crap outta u people.

i skipped school today cos i couldnt stand people staring at me, pointing in my direction and whispering about me as though i were some monster. although hell yeah, with the way i look now, i'd probably stare and point too if i were u. :( you people probably think im some idiot who got the date of halloween wrong and am wearing a horrible mask to go trick or treating. well surprise surprise, its not a mask, its my face. *SOB*

sigh. well i guess at the worst i'll be able to get a job with a circus as the circus freak.

my face looks like it has clusters of little raspberries all over it.

i hope i get well soon.

i hope my face goes back to normal.

i hope people stop staring at me.

i've got a freaking basketball match tomorrow!! how am i supposed to play with my skin in this condition??!!

what am i freakin gona do??!!

:O !!

la di la da

went to KDU college with chaichi the other day. just to keep u people informed, this KDU is not the prestigious, high class, private school, this KDU is Kolej Bandar Utama, which is just an average college. we found it kinda boring and the only thing i acheived was tying a cherry stalk into a knot with my tongue. :D


there wasnt really anything much to do there so we left early and took a cab to 1U.

me and chaichi

why am i so blurred when everything around me is clear O.O

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what?! the holidays are over already??

hi peeps! omg the holidays are just over but it didnt feel like a holiday at all to me cuz i've been busy Busy BUSY all through!

well i wouldnt wanna bore u with lengthy elaborations on what i did so i'll just talk about a few of them.

on saturday, i was up and off to the beach at 7am. i kid u not. it was organised by my church youth and we spent the day there till 3p.m. where i got seriously sunburnt.

me and to the beach~!!

failed miserably at frisbee and so turned the frisbee into a base where we terrorised innocent little crabs *muahaha*

just spent quality bff time together :D

madly dug random holes in the sand with great enthusiasm. =)

and camwhored :)

chalets on the water

back in subang and off to the mamak!

after that i rushed back to school and reached just in time at 4.30pm to play in the matches against kajang and kota kemuning. freaking tired weih..and the referees were so dam stupid! the players from kajang were really rough, pull me here pull me there..elbow me..then they go hit and slap me!! like what the hell right! then the 2 very 'professional' referees called a expected. but guess what they said it was me who comitted the foul. =.=" but whatever lah cos in the end we beat both kajang and kota kemuning. :D

wanna hear something funny? ok, i was like dam pissed with the guys during the match..they wanted to stay back and watch so i was like 'ok, but please help to count the score'. then during half time, my team was winning but the guys weren't keeping count of the score. so i got mad and started swearing at them. then this form2 girl was damn shocked and said "OH MY GAWD, did u just like, say the F WORD?" XD

on sunday, i went to MPSJ where my team took part in the 3x3 basketball competition being held there.

cina india cina

our team - the 3 blind mice. makes sense right? there are 3 of us, hence the name 3 blind mice. XD

the sun was VERY VERY HOT and even though we stayed in the shade when we werent playing,everybody got sunburnt. my team won champion and we were really happy about it cos the organiser said we would get hampers and rm300 cash. but guess what, all we got was the hamper. so unfair! why do we only get a hamper but the guys team champion get rm300 and hamper?! ever heard of gender equality? whats so special that the guys get rm300 and the girls dont get any cash? the hamper was like so small and the stuff in it wasnt nice at all. if it was full of cadbury and ferero rocher and hello panda i wouldnt be complaining. :(

anyway that will be featured in the NST(the 3x3 basketball competition) so look out for it, whoever of you which read the NST. i dont read the NST so i'll be glad if u let me know if u see it. :) thanks!

so the result of my holidays is i came back to school with a terrible sunburn. i'm now like 5 skin tones darker, my lips are chapped and bleeding, my whole face is itchy and the skin from my face is peeling.

do you know what is that? no? take a closer look..ok, i'll tell you. its a freakin part of my face which is peeling off! >.< !!

Monday, March 16, 2009

if life was perfect, it would be boring

i am so freaking pissed. there seems to be a sort of rebellion going on in against me. you know there's something people call a 'bad hair day' ? well, im having a bad face month. my skin is breaking out in zits and i cant do anything to prevent them from popping out. fine then, be that way!

im going to zap all you cursed zits into oblivion with this! see what it says on the label there? it says 'vanishing formula' so thats what im going to do to all of you. im going to make all of you VANISH with this! *poof* and be gone! :D

yes, i know i look retarded and no, i do not have some kind of weird skin disease or whatever. im zapping the zits away with Oxy10! nyeknyek :P

Saturday, March 14, 2009

IVAN YEAP - 12031994

happy belated birthday ivan! i brought a present for you to school on your birthday but u didnt come. so i ate it myself. hehheh *sniggers* anyway its the thought that counts so im dedicating this post to u :)

i dont have any singular pics of u so these will have to do.

us at admiral cup - cent, ivan, alex, rodney, me, owi, kokweng. :) the boys u15 1st and 2nd runners-up.

ivan, owi, kokweng, me.


  • plays basketball too (thats how i got to know him)
  • doesnt talk that much?
  • tall
  • dark
  • braces boy :P

anyway happy belated b'day and may u have a great year. :)

horses are lame O.o ?

someone told me i look very miang in my profile pic. :S ? whats so miang about me sitting on a horse hmm? its all in your mind..means that probably YOU are the one with the miang thoughts. >.< eww...

this was at a beach in penang. i like animals so up to me la whether i wana sit on horse or cow or goat or whatever. :P

this is the not-fully-grown yet pony. which i wasnt allowed to ride cos it was only a year old and only kids could ride it.

gotta go to basketball training soon, ciaoz!

Friday, March 13, 2009

its LOVE that makes the world go round :)

i'm sure many of you have seen this phrase before. but how many of u actually know that it comes from the bible? (and fyi yes, this pic is actually the pic of a page in the bible)

LOVE. how many of us have actually professed to be in love, but were actually in it for our own interests or personal gain? or how many of us say we love our boyfriends/girlfriends, but have like 50 of them? how 'in love' with them can u be when u have so many? what do we mean when we say those three words to someone?

well,for me, this is what love means :

  • i would be patient with him, even if he drove me up the wall. :)
  • it would take alot for me to get angry with him.
  • and even if i did get angry, i'd probably forgive him quickly.
  • i would sacrifice my shoes, clothes, PHONE, etcetc. that is, IF he would want them. but i'm sure not many guys have a desire for 4-inch heels or bras(since they dont have anything to put in them :P)
  • i would always be there for him. im not gona say 'if he needed me' cos, screw it whether he needed me or not, i would just BE there for him, whether he needed me or not.
  • i'd do my best to understand him, however many annoying idiosyncrasies he has or whatnot.
  • i'd respect him and his decisions.
  • and i'd want to be his confidante and hear all his problems, be it accidentally putting on his socks inside out or getting involved in an accident.
  • i'd put him first
  • i'd commit my heart to him

in this modern world where we are so 'in touch' with everything, sometimes i cant help but contemplate whether love in the past was better. i mean, i look around me, and i cant help but think that love is prepackaged, commercialised,fast and expensive. how many of us would prefer getting a text that says 'luv u nite' or a real conversation?

i HATE HATE HATE guys that tell a girl that they love her when all they wanna do is get laid and get out. where is your freakin self respect, your morals, your consideration for someone's feelings? getting your cheap,sick satisfaction by telling a girl u love her is more important than a person's feelings? well congrats to u, u sick jerk, cos u've just made it on my list of world's most screwed up people, along with all those rapists, molesters, murderers and what other scum of the world.

and when i hear people who say that theyre heartbroken when their 20th boyfriend/girlfriend dumps them but get another one in like a month, i doubt that they've ever TRULY known what it means to fall in love. why do people say 'i love you forever' when they break up with someone after only like 3months? why do guys say stuff like 'i swear on my mother's name to always love u and take care of u' when after 3months, u dump the girl? why even say it in the first place when it never truly meant anything to u?

but i admit that love, TRUE love,is a wonderful thing. the love that comforts you when u screw up, the love that willingly sacrifices, that puts others first before itself. love that has been on for 10years but still makes one blush when u kiss her on the lips and hug her in public. :) the love that makes miracles possible.

yes, u get your heart broken when u fall in love and truly commit but the one u leave dumps you. its been almost two years since i fell for that someone so hard and he left me, and i've never loved anyone else the way i loved him ever since. i was hurt alot and it was a painful experience, but at least i know now not to be so naive or trust people so easily. i made mistakes too, but i've learnt from experience. getting hurt only makes you stronger, cos y'know 'what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger' :)

i love this game

today i went for training at school. it was raining and the sky was kinda dark and gloomy when suddenly the sun popped out from behind the clouds and made the weather look like this.

doesnt it look gorgeous? this is the game i love, what i live for. i know i might not be VERY good at it, but i wouldnt stop playing for all the money in the world. its been almost 6years since i started playing it, and i wish i would never have to stop.

here are more basketball pics i've taken

i took this pic with my phone and i swear its not edited. :)

at usj12 basketball court

usj11 basketball court at night.

the MSSD court in serdang. it was an awesome stadium :D

best burger ever

ramly burger so totally rawks! have u ever tried the one from the shop in usj4,in front of 7/11, next to the nasi lemak shop? the burger guy makes it totally perfect, that is, if u like messy burgers. :D

the usj4 ramly burger in all its delicious gooey, messy, sticky, fattening sauce. which in my opinion makes it all the more delicious. chunkit looked at this picture in my phone and said at a glance, he thought it was somebody's donated heart bleeding on a white surgical hospital sheet. O.o ? only a retard like him could make something so goddamn delicious sound disgusting. XD

ramly burger wrapper (after i ate the burger and licked the wrapper clean too) :P

nicole is so cutee :)

today i didnt go to school, and it so happened that nicole came to my house early cos she was sick. i was still zzz-ing away at 10a.m. when she came into my room and pinched my cheeks to make me wake up and play with her. =.="

here she is taking her medicine. =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

and all i had was a miserable packet of mamee monster

today was really cold all day. i'm SOOOOO hungry cos my mum didnt cook lunch and went out, and nows nearly dinnertime but shes still not back yet.

so all i ate today was this

one miserable packet of mamee monster that i snitched from my bro. anyway, has anyone realised how tiny it has become? some of my childhood memories from primary school are playing with my friends after school munching on mamee monster that we had bought from the uncle selling titbits outside the school compound. it cost only rm0.30 per pkt, the mamee monster used to be the size of my face and was thick to boot.

and now the mamee monster is so...not the size of my face. XD i think its smaller than even half of my face. and its now not only small, its thin. =/ plus now mamee monster is already like rm0.50 per pkt. thats like 140% of the price we used to pay but now we're getting smaller portions. :'(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

boom bang bah

yeahh, i've changed my blog skin. so which do u think is better?

went for a movie with arief today. we watched

stupid movie XD

my fave quotes from it - "just cause i'm black, you think i did it?"

spins u round, up and down

today was the last day of exam, and i was itching to go out. so i me and my sis went to taipan eventhough she's gona have her exam next week. (she's in usj13)

we went at 7.30 and we walked around quite abit..i wanted to go to patissfrance n try their gelato since denise said they have the most rockin gelato EVER but in the end it didnt work out cuz she didnt wanna share with me n i REFUSE to be consuming all those calories by myself. X

we then went boutique hopping, but only ended with one plastic bag each. hey, now recession ok! which reminds me..i was at pyramid 3times during the last 3weeks, and i noticed that theres alot less people than there used to be. :S

anyway,we tried on some tops and i ended up with a pink, black and white tube with a really pretty red silk sash. :)

bimbotic X)


and it only cost rm27.90!! ^.^

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby me :)

Hey heyy.

I was supposed to be studying for my last paper of march test, ICT when my sis barged into my room goin all
"hey, look at this!'

So i put down my ICT book and looked at what she was carrying in her hands. It turned out to be.. *jengjengjeng* our baby photos! Haha..omg then we were goin all "hey is that me?" etc etc..

Anyway, here's what i looked like when i was small. :)

Me trying to teach my sis how to stand (and her stubbornly NOT wanting to learn) XD
My 4th birthday ;D

Excuse me waiter, there's a fly in my soup.

Or in this case, there was a FREAKING WORM in my soup. There i was eating a bowl of my mum's healthy, nutritious(or so i thought) cabbage soup, when i spotted something i at first thought was a small piece of cabbage that looked like it got hacked off when my mum was cutting up the cabbage. then when i took a closer look, i realised it was a fat WORM that my mum had somehow missed when she was cleaning up the cabbage for the soup. Or had she even cleaned the cabbage first..? :/ *looks at my mum uneasily*
Eww.. Anyway it was a good thing i spotted it or else i wouldve consumed soup de worm and wouldnt even have realised it. It would then probably have laid eggs in my tummy and i would now be playing host to a family of maggots. >.<

So i fished it out of my bowl and threw it away. After which i proceeded to finish up the soup. Let's i hope i didnt miss any other worms when i threw that one out. :/